Equipment :

Mixing :

Solid State Logic SiX 2 SuperAnalogue™ Mic Pre-Amps, 12 Line Level Inputs with Channel and Master Bus inserts. 

Recording :

Apple iMac Retina 5K, 27″(Late 2015), 4.0GHz QC i7, TB up to 4.2GHz, 24GB PC3-14900 DDR3 1867MHz SO-DIMM.
Harrison MixBus 32C DAW.
HHB MDP500 Portadisc Professional Minidisc Recorder, Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding (ATRAC) 4.5.
Nagra Mezzo Linear PCM Handheld Stereo Recorder.
Nakamichi 682 ZX Discrete 3 Head Cassette Deck, Asymmetrical Dual Capstans, Automatic Azimuth & Level Calibration.
RME Fireface UCX 8 In & Out Channels Audio Interface.
RME ADI-2 Pro FS Black Edition 2 Ch. Analog In – 4 Ch. Analog Out AD/DA converter.
Schiit Bifrost 2, Stereo True Multibit™ Autonomy™ Digital-Analog Converter with Unison USB™
Sony MDS-JA50 ES, Minidisc Recorder, Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding (ATRAC) 4.5 with 16, 18 and 20-bit Capabilities (Out ; 24-bit In), “No-Clip” Option to Avoid Clipped-Samples, Support for CD Pre-Emphasis and Subsequent Decoding, Separate R-Core Transformers for The ADC and DAC Sections.
2- Sony Walkman WM-D6C Professional Portable Cassette Recorder, with Amorphous Head, Quartz Speed Lock & Disc Drive Transport System.
Solid State Logic 2+ 2-Channel USB Audio Interface with Legacy 4K analogue enhancement effect.
Various Plug-Ins available on request including Waves Ltd.

Monitoring :

2- Dorrough Model 40-B Relative Loudness To Peak Modulation Meter
McIntosh MA 5100
 (Original 60’s 2 x 45W Integrated Amp).
McIntosh MA 6200 (Original late 70’s 2 x 100W Integrated Amp).
Tivoli Audio Portable Audio Laboratory (PAL) Portable Mono System designed by Henry Kloss, with 2.5” Speaker.
2- Yamaha NS-10M Loudspeakers.
2- Avantone MixCube Active Loudspeakers.
2- Bowers & Wilkins 705 Loudspeakers, 120W, 8Ω.
2- Tannoy Arden Cabinet with 15’’ Tannoy HPD-385A Alnico Driver, « , 85W, 8Ω.
Neco Soundlab V3 MOSFET class A Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier, with AD8610 Op-Amps.
Grado PS100e Headphones.
Sharkk Bravo Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones.
Sony MDR-7520 Headphones.
Sony MDR-Z1000

CD, Cassette Tape & Record Players :

Denon DN-600F CD player with LAMBDA Super Linear Converter and Pitch Control.
Denon DP-75 Direct Drive Turntable with Double Construction Platter.
SME Series IIIS Pick-Up Arm.
Shure V15 VxMR Audiophile Cartridge.
Shure  VN5MR Audiophile Stereo Dynetic Stylus.
Sony CDP-XB920 QS, CD player with with Fixed Head Mechanism (KSS-213B) and pulse DAC Digital Filter with Variable Coefficients (CXD8735N Converter).
Sony Walkman WM-DD9.
Stanton D50E MkII Cartridge.

Pre-Amplifiers :

Chandler Limited TG2 Abbey Road Special Edition Stereo Mic / Line Pre-Amp with Switchable Impedance mod. (recreation of the original Abbey Road’s EMI TG12428 Pre-Amp).
JHS Pedals Colour Box Di-Box/Microphone Pre-Amp with Baxandall Stack and High-Pass Filter.
2- Solid State Logic 2+ Legacy 4K Mic / Line Pre-Amp.
2- Solid State Logic Six SSL SuperAnalogue™ Mic / Line Pre-Amp.

Dynamics :

Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter Compressor, Version 4.
Solid State Logic SiX G Series Bus Compressor.

Equalizers :

JHS Pedals Colour Box Di-Box/Microphone Preamp with Baxandall Stack and High-Pass Filter.
Manley Massive Passive Stereo Equalizer.
Solid State Logic SiX Two-Band SSL EQ.

Reverb, Delay, Processing & Rack System Effects :

Boss DC-2w Dimension C Stereo Chorus Pedal.
Eventide H949 Harmonizer.
Eventide Space Reverb Pedal.
Gibson / Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro.
Lexicon Reflex Dynamic Midi Reverberator.
Moog MF-104M Analog Delay White Edition.
OTO Machines Biscuit 8-bit effects & Analog Filter.
TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay Pedal.

Miscellanous :

Little Labs ibp junior Analog Phase Alignement Tool.
Little Labs redeye Re-Amp / DI tool.
Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5042 Stereo Tape Emulator & Transformer-Coupled Line Amplifier. 

Misc. Mixing / Recorders :

HHB MDP500 Portadisc Portable Minidisc Recorder.
Kudelski Nagra E Mono Recorder, 1/4” Analog Tape.
Kudelski Nagra Mezzo Handheld Stereo Recorder with Built-In Microphone.
Nakamichi 682 ZX Discrete 3 Head Cassette Deck, Asymmetrical Dual Capstans, Automatic Azimuth & Level Calibration.
Plextor PX-712UF Firewire CD / DVD Recorder with Vari-Rec and Power-Rec Mode.
Sony Walkman WM-D6C Professional Portable Cassette Recorder, with Amorphous Head, Quartz Speed Lock & Disc Drive Transport System.

Microphones :

Beyerdynamic Soundstar X1N Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.
Lomo Model 19A19 “Flashlight” Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone.
2-Michael Joly MJE-384 Matched Pair Small Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphones.
Oktava ML-52 Prototype Figure-8 Dual Ribbon Microphone with RCA 44BX Mod. by Stephen Sank (Talking Dog Transducer Company).
Russian Transducer Technology RTT/AEG MKL-100 Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Tube Microphone Made by Alexey Chkhaidze.
Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.

Synthesis :

Arturia KeyStep portable Portable USB-MIDI-CV Controller with Velocity and Aftertouch.
Blokas Midihub Standalone MIDI Processor & Router.
Dave Smith Instruments / Roger Linn Design Tempest 6-Voice Analog/Digital Synth & Drum Machine.
Elektron TurboMIDI TM-1 USB-MIDI Interface.
Future Retro Zillion Single Track Algorithmic MIDI Sequencer based on the Triadex Muse.
Moog CP-251 Moogerfooger Control Processor.
Moog Slim Phatty with White Edition Wood Kit.
OTO Machines Biscuit “Der Oto” 8-bit Monophonic 2-Oscillator Synth.
Rare Waves Grendel Drone Commander Analog Drone Synth.
Roland D-550 Linear Arithmetic Synth.
Roland Juno 60 with Tubbutec Juno-66 Upgrade Kit, MIDI In & Out.
Tenage Engineering OP-1.
Teenage Engineering oplab USB-MIDI-CV Sync Interface.
Tenage Engineering PO-32 tonic Portable Drum Machine.
Tenage Engineering PO-33 K.O! Micro Sampler with 40 Seconds Sample Memory & Built-In Recording Microphone.
Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizers.

Guitars :

Fender Custom Shop 1960 FMT Stratocaster with Dan Armstrong Wiring & Bare Knuckle Pickups PAT Pend Strat® Series – ’63 Veneer Board Pickups, 1996.
Fender Custom Shop 1955 George Fullerton Prototype Stratocaster LTD (30 made) with Memphis Wiring & Abigail Ybarra Handwound 50’s Pickups, 2011.
Fender Custom Shop ‘63 NOS Bass VI with Staytrem Wide Bridge, 2006.
Gibson BR-6 Lapsteel Guitar, 1949.
Gibson BU-1 Baritone Uke, 1966.
Gibson Les Paul Recording Heavily Modified, 1971.
Gibson Custom Shop SG Brian Ray ’63 with Skatterbrane Woodbrane Alnico IV Pickup Set, Crazyparts Prewired Assembly SG 1960-1970, Bumblebee « WOMENTONE » Luxe Caps, Callaham ABR-1 Bridge, 2015.
Martin Style 3M Soprano Uke, 2011.
Martin 5-18 Marty Robbins #44, 2011.
Martin 0-15, 1960.
Martin 0-18 Longhorn Custom Shop, 2014.
Martin CS OM 9-17 Custom, 2011.
Martin 00-16 DBR #389, 1998.
Martin T-28 “10-String Rajão Décacorde Mod”, 1973.
Tim Laughlin 5K Uke, 2014.
Mosrite Mark I, 1968.

Instrument Amplifiers :

Blackstar Fly 3 3 Watt Compact Mini Guitar Amp.
Blackstar Fly 3 Bass 3 Watt Compact Mini Bass Amp.
Fender Pro Reverb Original 60’s Blackface, with Celestion Vintage ’30 Speakers.
Marshall MS-2  Mini Guitar Amp.
Swart Space Tone • ST-6V6se  Black Tolex, 2008.
ZVex Nano Head One-Half Watt World’s Smallest Production Tube Amp.

Stompboxes :

Blackstone Appliances Mosfet Overdrive 2Sv3.3.
Boss DC-2w Dimension C Stereo Chorus Pedal.
Boss DD3 Digital Delay.
Boss NF-1 Noise Gate.
Boss PS3 Pitch Shifter/Delay.
Classic Amplification Classic Vibe CV-2 Lamp+Photocell, True-Bypass + Cancel mod.
Custom Tones, LLC Ethos Clean-Fusion FX Loop & Fusion-only HRM EQ mod.
Dazatronyx Tsuchi Fuzz Hybrid GE/SI or Germanium [Mullard OC42] mod.
Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar Binson Echorec Multi-Head Drum Echo.
Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation Custom Version with Fine Tuning, Volume Limiter & Normal/Bypass Loop Switch.
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal.
Jim Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah [Red Fasel Inductor ; Mid setting (M)].
JHS Pedals Colour Box Di-Box/Microphone Preamp with Baxandall Stack and High-Pass Filter.
Lovepedal Custom Effects TremElo.
Lovepedal Custom Effects Vibronaut Photocell, Raw SNS Version.
Lovetone Big Cheese.
Malekko Heavy Industry Spring Chicken.
MXR Anlaog Delay M-118 Block Logo Version (1x Reticon R5101 BBD), 1980.
MXR Dyna Comp Script Logo Version, 1977.
MXR Dyna Comp Block Logo Version, 1979-80.
MXR Limiter Block Logo Version, 1980.
MXR Micro Flanger (1x Reticon SAD512D BBD), Block Logo Version, 1980.
MXR Phase 100 Six Stage Phaser, ScriptLogo Version, 1975.
Retro-Sonic Chorus (with MN3002 BBD ; 1st 12V AC version), 2006.
Xotic Effects RC Booster.
Z Vex Fuzz Probe.
Z Vex Fuzz Factory “Vexter Series”.
Vex Wooly Mammoth Custom Raw Case, Silicon Fuzz Designed by Chuck Zwicky.