Aksel-Blake III

Three Is a Magic Number

(written by Bob Dorough)

Three, oh, it’s the magic number
Yeah it is, it’s the magic number

Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity
You get three
It’s the magic number

With the past and the present and the future
And faith and hope and charity
And the heart and the brain and the body
It’ll give you three; it’s a magic number

It takes three legs to make a tripod
Or to make a table stand
And it takes three wheels to make a vehicle
And call it a tricycle
Every triangle has three corners
Every triangle has three sides
No more, no less
You don’t have to guess
That is three, can’t you see?
It’s the magic number

A man and a woman had a little baby
Yes they did
There were three in the family
That’s the magic number

Today, we are celebrating our son’s third Birthday… we love you Aksel-Blake !