1. I Am The Way” [von SIDow]
2. Out of The Howling Storm
3. Ω [The Absolute Infinite]
4. Ekalb-Leska
5. Die Traumdeutung
6. Separation Axiom
7. Ripa Fiamma In Fuor Balestra
8. She Sent The Gentle Sleep from Heaven, That Slid into My Soul.
9. Chimera Obscura
10. An Exquisite Bedlam” [Tribute to Rod Serling]

Working with a wide array of materials means an equally wide array of tools.

1. Elektron SIDStation :
Commodore 64’s MOS 6581 Sound Interface Device (SID) Synthetizer. Hybrid Analog-Digital Module Synthesizer Based on the Famous Sound Interface Device “SID 6581” Created by Bob Yannes (Ensoniq)

2. Møffenzeef The Runner :
Desktop Drone Synth with five PWM Oscillators, Internal Modulation & Lowpass Filter.

3. Empress Effects ZOIA :
Modular Digital Synthesizer in Pedal Form

4. Hammered Guitar Strings + Møffenzeef The Runner

5. Bastl (& Casper Electronics) Softpop SP2 :
Analog/Digital, 37-point Patchbay Modular Synth designed by Peter Edwards & Václav Peloušek, Inspired by Cult-Classic Synth Benjolin created by Dutch Synth Genius Rob Hordijk. Complex Digital 8-step Sequencer & Quantizer. Pingable Filter with POP Cross-Modulation.

Meng Qi Wing Pinger :
Oscillator-less Analog Synthesizer Designed by Chinese Artist & Designer Meng Qi, Inspired by Rob Hordijk’s Instruments.

Meng Qi Wingie 2 :
Stereo Resonator 2x External Audio Processing to Create Singing Resonances

6. SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8 :
Organismic Drone Synth

7. Roland D-550 :
Linear Arithmetic Synth

Elektron SIDStation

8. Empress Effects ZOIA

9. SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8

10. GRP Synthesizer A2 :
Analog Synth Developed & Handcrafted by Paolo Groppioni.

McIntosh MR 500 :
Digital FM Tuner, Signal Locked Loop (SLL) System Tuning Circuitry with Quartz-Crystal Oscillator & MOSFET R.F. Amplifier.

Aleksandr P. Thibaudeau : every instrument, sound manipulation, recording, mixing & mastering – Del-Uks Audio|Lab