Drøner is a minimalist drone music album made with only one or two devices.

It’s also tribute to Ross Fish‘s Møffenzeef [Stargazer] & to Meng Qi‘s Wingie2 [with the Blippoo alternative firmware inspired by Blippoo Box, a genius, organic, chaotic & unpredictable instrument created by Rob Hordijk (1958-2022)].

The [Stargazer] is a standalone drone machine with dual wavetable oscillator, ninety arbitrary waveforms, two resonant lowpass filters, three wavetable LFO’s, sample rate reduction, bit rate reduction, amplitude modulation, & CMOS distortion.

The Wingie2 “Blippoo” a self-contained instrument capable of producing a variety of sounds and patterns.

Entirely composed with a very minimal setup : Møffenzeef [Stargazer] + Boss MZ-2 Digital Metalizer or just the Wingie2 “Blippoo(except for “Intermezzø” for which a second Wingie2 as been used for external audio processing to create singing resonances).

PS. I also made an album of four improvisations recorded during the summer of 2022 and using Ross Fish’s Møffenzeef Stargazer as main instrument : “Fearful Symmetry”.