Richard Twice: A Musical Life Interrupted

Richard Atkins, the singer and songwriter of the early 70’s California psychedelic folk duo ‘Richard Twice’, was on his way to stardom and a huge success with his first debut album when he mysteriously walked away from it all. A film by Matthew SaltonThe New York Times    

Brakhage (aka Brakhage Kollektiv)

Brakhage (aka Brakhage Kollektiv) is a musical group from Geneva, Switzerland. The band consists of Mark Blakebrough (computers, synths, percussions), Alexandre Müller Ramirez (guitars, vibes, synths) and Aleksandr P. Thibaudeau (guitars, stompboxes, synths). Their music style can be related to drone-based ambient music. Modulations Stoïques is their first full length record. Their songs are mostly beatless…