Pearl Jam is an American rock band formed in 1990 in Seattle, Washington. The band’s lineup consists of founding members Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar), Mike McCready (lead guitar), and Eddie Vedder (lead vocals, guitar), as well as ex-Soundgarden Matt Cameron (drums), who joined in 1998.

Drummers Dave Krusen, Matt Chamberlain, Dave Abbruzzese and (ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers) Jack Irons are former members of the band.

Formed after the demise of Gossard and Ament’s previous band, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam broke into the mainstream with its debut album, Ten, in 1991.

One of the key bands in the so-called “grunge movement” of the early 90’s, its members often shunned popular music industry practices such as making music videos or giving interviews.

The band also sued Ticketmaster, claiming it had monopolized the concert-ticket market.

In 2006, Rolling Stone Magazine described the band as having “spent much of the past decade deliberately tearing apart their own fame”.

The band sold more than 85 million albums worldwide by 2018.

Pearl Jam outsold many of its contemporary alternative rock bands from the early 90’s, and is considered one of the most influential bands of the decade.

This Mixtape is a tribute to my coming-of-age years listening endlessly to Pearl Jam.

Mixcloud Side A

Mixcloud Side B

DAW : Harrison Mixbus
D/A Converter : SSL 2+
Cassette Deck : Nakamichi 682zx
C-90 Cassette Tape used : Maxell XL-II (1986-87)
Suggested Cassette Tape : Any 80’s/early 90’s Maxell, Sony or TDK C-90 Type I or II cassette tape (with extra time for Side A)

J-Card (.pdf)