Merry X-Mas to you all !
Merry miX-Mas Tape !

…and a happy New Year !

2020 was a Hell of a year, but 2021 can’t be worse… right ?

Mixcloud – miX-Mas Tape – Side A

Mixcloud – miX-Mas Tape – Side B

DAW : Harrison Mixbus
D/A Converter : SSL 2+
Cassette Deck : Nakamichi 682zx
C-90 Cassette Tape used : Maxell UDII-S 90 (1985-87) Type II
Suggested Cassette Tape : Any 80’s/early 90’s Maxell, Sony or TDK C-90 Type I or II cassette tape (with enough extra time for both sides)
J-Card (.pdf)